Final Reading

I like the 23 Things approach to Professional Development within a library/school setting.  I think that it mirrors a lot of successful badge systems out there in that it provides discreet milestones throughout a more drawn out process.  Each step might only take a few minutes, but depending on the interest level of the individual, they can spend as long as they need to on a task to get what they want out of the exercise.  I also like that it encourages a sense of play with regards to technology.  So often we have a mindset that there is a right and wrong way to operate a program, but there is a lot of trial and error involved in computing and I think that the best tech programs make room for that sense of play.  I just have to give one more shout out to badges in that they can provide the same modules along with evidence for work that was done to complete the modules.



4 thoughts on “Final Reading

  1. Ha – As I was thinking about this week’s readings, I wondered if you’d make the badge connection … and I can say that my own experiences with a modified 23 Things tells me that 23 is wayyyy too many things for most folks to handle on their own, regardless of incentives!

  2. Naomi says:

    I like the idea of badging for professional development so much more. It would help enable scaffolding of material to build on previous experience

  3. katzalot says:

    I did not think about the badge system when I was reading it but as I think about I agree that badges would be a great way to have teachers see the PD in much smaller steps . I do worry though that an administrator might be able to create a badge tracking agenda and rate teachers or librarians by how many badges they have and not what they are learning or have done.

  4. linguomancer says:

    I also really liked the point about having a sense of play when it comes to technology. The majority of what I’ve learned about technology has been through trial and error, just messing around enough to get a good sense for how things work. It would be great if we could find a way to encourage this type of learning rather than a step-by-step following of directions that doesn’t help develop a larger understanding.

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